Solid State NMR Lab

The Solid State NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) facility specializes in the analysis of solid materials. Projects come from a wide variety of fields including soils, pharmaceutics, biomass, catalysts, biological materials, organometallics, and inorganics.

  • Expertise in interpreting solid state NMR spectra
  • Five different probe setups available allowing a broad range of accessible nuclei
  • Mixtures of molecular species can be analyzed in order to identify what species are present and how much of it
  • Determination of the degree of crosslinking in polymers, the degree of incorporation of metals into catalysts and the change in composition of plant materials from different treatments
Dewey Barich, Ph.D
McCollum Laboratories, room 19


Biochemistry & Protein Science

Bioinformatics & Modeling


Materials Characterization

Molecular Structures

Translational Biology

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