Protein Production Group

The Protein Production Laboratory focuses on the cloning, expression and purification of prokaryotic and eukaryotic proteins for COBRE and other investigators in Kansas and the region. The laboratory maintains a variety of equipment to support the production of properly folded proteins in quantities suitable for structural studies (X-ray and NMR), functional studies (catalytic or biological), label-free binding studies (SPR) and/or high throughput (HTP) screening studies.

  • Advice on experiment design and protocol development
  • Access to FPLCs and other instrumentation for trained users
  • Consultation on proposal or manuscript preparation
  • Molecular biology in support of protein expression (cloning, mutagenesis, tagging, chimeragenesis)
  • Design and construction of expression systems (E. coli and insect cell systems)
  • Expression and re-folding of proteins (large and small scale)
  • Protein characterization and analysis (electrophoresis, chromatography)
  • Biacore label-free binding studies
  • Design and construction of expression systems (E. coli, yeast, insect and mammalian cell, and cell-free)
Philip Gao, Ph.D
Shankel Structural Biology Center, room 1095


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