NMR Select Publications

Kumar S, Thornton P, Painter TO, Jain P, Downard J, Douglas JT, Santini C, Day VW. “Synthesis of a Family of Spirocyclic Scaffolds; Building Blocks for the Exploration of Chemical Space.” J Org Chem. 2013.

Painter TO, Bunn JR, Schoenen FJ, Douglas JT, Day VW, Santini C. “Skeletal diversification via heteroatom linkage control: preparation of bicyclic and spirocyclic scaffolds from N-substituted homopropargyl alcohols.” J Org Chem. 2013, 78(8):3720-30.

​Coombs TC, Lushington GH, Douglas J, Aubé J. “1,3-allylic strain as a strategic diversification element for constructing libraries of substituted 2-arylpiperidines.” Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2011, 50(12):2734-7.

Lozama A, Cunningham CW, Caspers MJ, Douglas JT, Dersch CM, Rothman RB, Prisinzano TE. “Opioid receptor probes derived from cycloaddition of the hallucinogen natural product salvinorin A.” J Nat Prod. 2011, 74(4):718-26.

K, Jana R, Day VW, Douglas JT, Tunge JA. “Mechanistic origin of the stereodivergence in decarboxylative allylation.” Org Lett. 2010, 12(13):3042-5.


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