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Michael J. Baltezor, Ph.D.

Director, BIO Center
Primary office:
McCollum Laboratories, room 116A


Michael Baltezor, Director, Biotechnology Innovation and Optimization Center (BIO Center, provides drug delivery solutions for drug candidates to improve solubility, absorption and stability. 

Dr. Baltezor also serves as Deputy Director, Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation (IAMI).  In these roles, Dr. Baltezor provides leadership for the activities of the BIO Center and works with the other scientific disciplines within IAMI, the University of Kansas and the Kansas University Medical Center to provide for a seamless transition of new drug candidates from discovery to proof of concept in man.  

Dr. Baltezor has over 35 years of experience in new product development in the pharmaceutical, medical products and contract services businesses.  He spent 10 years with Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, 13 years with Marion Laboratories and successor companies, 7 years with Quintiles and 4 years with Medi-Flex and successor companies.  During this time, Dr. Baltezor has worked on a broad spectrum of ethical pharmaceutical and OTC products including tablets, capsules, oral liquids, injectable solutions and topical products.  Many of these activities involved the application of novel drug delivery technologies to optimize the bioavailability of the drug or to overcome solubility and stability problems.  Additionally, Dr. Baltezor has directed the development of several drug–device combination products for the medical products field.  Dr. Baltezor has successfully managed large contract services businesses and is keenly focused on the value of communication, team work and project management with business and research development partners.  Dr. Baltezor received his BS degree in Chemistry in 1972 and an honorary Ph.D. in 2005 from Missouri Western State University.  He received his Ph.D in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry in 1977 from the University of Kansas.   


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