Lab Directors

Anuradha Roy
Director, High Throughput Screening Lab
Shankel Structural Biology Center

Anuradha Roy is the director for the High Throughput Screening Laboratory.

Animal Care Unit Director and Attending Veterinarian
Blake Peterson
Leader, Molecular Probes Core, Regents Distinguished Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Structural Biology Center, room 1045

The Peterson laboratory conducts research at the interface between chemistry and biology. They specialize in molecular design, organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and chemical biology.

Eduardo Rosa-Molinar
Director, Microscopy Analytical Imaging Resource Core Laboratory (MAI), Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, School of Pharmacy
Haworth Hall, room 1036

Eduardo Rosa-Molinar joined The University of Kansas in 2015.

Fei Philip Gao
Director, Protein Production Group
Shankel Structural Biology Center, room 1095

Fei Philip Gao has been involved in research areas of molecular biology, production and biophysical characterization of protein over the past 25 years.  

Francisco Martinez-Becerra
Director, Immunology Core Laboratory, Assistant Research Professor, Higuchi Biosciences Center
Multidisciplinary Research Building, room 257

Francisco Martinez-Becerra is currently an Assistant Research Professor at the University of Kansas.

Jennifer Hackett
Director, Genome Sequencing Core
Haworth Hall, room 1030
Justin Douglas
Director, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Lab, Biomolecular NMR Lab and Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Lab
Malott Hall, room 3001

Justin Douglas is the Director of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and the Solid State Nuclear Resonance (SSNMR) Laboratories.  He has been director of the NMR lab since 2009 and named director

Liang Xu
Director, Biological Irradiation Lab and Experimental and Preclinical Imaging Lab
Haworth Hall, room 4002

Liang Xu joined the University of Kansas in 2010.

Michael Baltezor Ph.D.
Director, BIO Center
McCollum Laboratories, room 116A

Michael Baltezor, Director, Biotechnology Innovation and Optimization Center (BIO Center, provides drug delivery solutions for drug candidates to improve solubility, absorption and stability. 

Interim Director of the Center for Research Computing, HPC Operations Manager
Nichols Hall, Rm 106
Robert Hanzlik
Director, Center of Biomedical Research Excellence in Protein Structure and Function
Malott Hall, room 4048

Robert Hanzlik was appointed Principal Investigator and Director of the Center of Biomedical Research Excellence in Protein Structure and Function (COBRE) in 2002.  

Ryan Grigsby
Director, KU Nanofabrication Facility
3175 Integrated Science Building

Ryan Grigsby has been maintaining the Ralph N. Adams Nanofabrication Facility since 2007. Mr.

Sarah Wu
Assistant Research Professor, Co-Director, Biological Irradiation Lab, Co-Director, Experimental and Preclinical Imaging Lab
Haworth Hall, room 4002

Xiaoqing Wu joined Dr. Liang Xu’s lab at the University of Kansas as a postdoctoral researcher in April, 2012.

Director, Protein Structure Lab
Shankel Structural Biology Center, room 1015
Scott Lovell joined The University of Kansas in 2008 as the Director of the Protein Structure Core Laboratory (PSL).
Stuart Macdonald
Director, Genomics and Bioinformatics Lab
Haworth Hall, room 4043

Stuart Macdonald is the Director of the Genomics and Bioinformatics Laboratory and an Associate Professor in the Molecular Biosciences Department at the University of Kansas.  

Todd. D. Williams
Director, Mass Spectrometry and Analytical Proteomics Labs
Malott Hall, room 2010

Todd Williams is the Director of the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory and the Analytical Protemomics Laboratory.  He has had the appointment since starting his career at the university in 1991.

Victor Day
Director, X-Ray Crystallography Lab
Malott Hall, room 6044

Victor Day is a Senior Scientist at the University of Kansas and serves as the Laboratory Director for the X-Ray Crystallography Laboratory.

Robert Young, MSEE Director
Director, Instrumentation Design Lab
Malott Hall, Rm. 6042


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