Genomics Facility

The KU Genomics Facility was established in 2002 with the support of the Higuchi Biosciences Center and by a private donation to KU. The facility was further expanded with funds provided by the KU Center for Research in 2005. Located in the Smissman Research Laboratories Building on West Campus, the facility has full capacity for GeneChip-based high-throughput genomics analysis, from gene expression profiling, exon-level expression and alternative splicing analysis, microRNA expression, to ChIP-on-chip, SNP genotyping and copy number variation analysis, and array-based re-sequencing. For bioinformatics data mining, the facility is equipped with a number of commercial and open source software packages for complete multi-dimensional genomics data analysis, including those required for differentially expressed gene, exon and microRNA identification, clustering, biological pathway analysis, Gene Ontology analysis, gene network construction, tiling array (such as ChIP-on-chip) analysis, genotyping, and sequence analysis. A Dell PowerEdge 2850 Microarray Data Server is dedicated for GeneChip data storage and investigator remote access. In addition, the facility is equipped with Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real-Time Quantitative PCR System.

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  • Provides consultation for sample and experimental design
  • Microarray data generation, quality monitoring and analysis
  • Microarray data confirmation by real-time PCR


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