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Eduardo Rosa-Molinar, Ph.D

Director, Microscopy Analytical Imaging Resource Core Laboratory (MAI)
Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, School of Pharmacy
Primary office:
Haworth Hall, room 1036
Second office:
Haworth Hall, room 1043


Eduardo Rosa-Molinar, Ph.D. is the Director of the Microscopy and Analytical Imaging Resource Core Laboratory (http://mai.ku.edu/eduardo-rosa-molinar-phd), Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology and Neuroscience Graduate Program (http://pharmtox.ku.edu/all-faculty; http://neuroscience.ku.edu/faculty-members), and Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology (http://www.kumc.edu/school-of-medicine/anatomy-and-cell-biology/secondary-appointment-faculty.html) at the University of Kansas and the University of Kansas Medical Center respectively.  He is also a Whitman Scientist at the Whitman Center, Marine Biological Laboratory (http://www.mbl.edu/research/mbl-scientists/) and Course Director of the Immunohistochemistry and Microscopy, a special topic course taught at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA (http://www.mbl.edu/education/special-topics-courses/immunohistochemistry-and-microscopy-ihcm/).  Until June 2015, he was a tenured Professor of Integrative Anatomy and Neurobiology, University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras, San Juan Puerto Rico.

His research focuses on “neural microcircuits", a specific pattern of interconnections between neurons and synapses within a specific region of the central nervous system (i.e., spinal cord); he images and studies the three-dimensional (3-D) nano-scale architecture of “mixed synapses”, a poorly studied synapse that combines the features of both chemical and electrical synapses (i.e., gap junction).  To this end, he develops quantitative immuno-correlative photon- and electron-based imaging technologies required to image and analyze in 3-D the nano-scale membrane organization of mixed synapses’ pre-and post-synaptic membrane proteins.  The way in which the 3-D the nano-scale membrane organization of mixed synapses’ pre-and post-synaptic membrane proteins present therein, structural and topographical information is critical to guide structure-based drug design and discovery.

Selected Publications

Names that are underlined indicate current and former laboratory members, including technicians undergraduate and graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows.

Peer-Reviewed Papers and Extended Abstracts (submitted/in revision)

  1. Martínez-Rivera, N., Serrano-Vélez, J. L., Torres-Vázquez, I. I., and Rosa-Molinar, E.  Superficial neuromasts as proprioceptors underlying a fast innate behavior.  "Biodiversity of sensory systems in aquatic vertebrates", in Front.  Ecol. and Evol. (submitted)
  2. Serrano‐Velez, J. L., Santiago-Robles, C. M., Rodriguez‐Alvarado, M., Martinez‐Rivera, N.Torres‐Vazquez, I. I., and Rosa‐Molinar, E. Dissection and analytics of a neural circuit: From neurons‐ to‐dendrites‐to‐connexin35‐containing gap junction’s puncta‐to-connectivity.  “Connexin- and pannexin-mediated pathways in homeostatic and pathological central nervous system”, in Front. Cell. Neurosci. (submitted)
  3. Garcia-Lebron, R., Koutis, I., Torres-Vazquez, I. I., Martinez‐Rivera, N., Serrano-Velez, J. L., and Rosa-Molinar, E. Automating Cellular Connectomics: Spectral algorithms permit three-dimensional segmentation of neurons. “Integrating brain anatomical, functional and effective connectivity” in Front. Neurosci. (submitted)

Peer-Reviewed Book (forthcoming)

  1. Rosa-Molinar, E., Fraser, S. F., and Macagno, E. R. [guest editors] (commissioned “stand-alone” mini-book in a new imaging series published by Springer). SpringerBriefs in Biological Imaging Series: Correlative Three-dimensional Microscopy of Extended Tissue Volumes, D. J. Taatjes (series ed.), Springer, New York, NY; 3rd edition.

Peer-Reviewed Papers (published)

  1. Hewitt, S. M., Baskin, D. G., Frevert, C. W., Stahl, W. L., and Rosa-Molinar, E. (2014). Controls for immunohistochemistry: Controls for Immunohistochemistry: The Histochemical Society's Standards of Practice for Validation of Immunohistochemical Assays.  J. Histochem. Cytochem. Jul 14. pii: 0022155414545224. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 25023613.
  2. Serrano-Velez, J. L.Rodriguez-Alvarado M.Torres-Vazquez I. I., Fraser, S. E., Yasumura, T., Vanderpool, K. G., Rash, J. E. and Rosa-Molinar, E. (2014). Abundance of gap junctions at glutamatergic mixed synapses in adult Mosquitofish spinal cord neurons. Front. Neural Circuits 8 (66):1-16; doi: 10.3389/fncir.2014.0006.

Selected Grants


R43 GM 115042 (Rosa-Molinar) (Consortium PI) 10/01/15-09/30/16 0.3 calendar month
NIH/NIGMS $251,977 (direct)
Luminescent Metal Complex Probes for Correlative Microscopy

R43 MH-106245 (Rosa-Molinar) (Consortium PI) 08/01/15-07/31/16 NCE 0.3 calendar month
NIH/NIMH $225,000 (direct)
Conductive Metalllography for Serial Section Electron Microscopy at Nanometer Resolution

HRD-1137725 (Rosa-Molinar) (Consortium PI) 09/01/11-08/31/17 0.6 calendar month
NSF $4,985,003.00 (direct)
Puerto Rico Center for Environmental Neuroscience

IOS-1557754 (Gilly, Rosenthal, Kier, Rosa-Molinar) 09/01/16-08/31/19 0.6 calendar month

NSF $450,000 (direct)

Structural and Functional Connectivity of Squid Chromatophores

5 T36 GM 008637-21 (Rosa-Molinar) 09/30/96 -08/31/17 0.5 calendar month
NIH/NIGMS $834,383 (direct; NCE)/No salary support requested
Leadership, Excellence and Development of Diversity in Research


IPERT R25 (new application) (Rosa-Molinar) 09/01/16-08/31/17 0.5 calendar month
NIH/NIGMS $600,001 (direct)/No salary support requested
Diversity Resources for Enrichment, Access and Mentoring 2

R43 GM (new application) (Joshi, Rosa-Molinar) 04/05/17-03/31/18 1.2 calendar month
NIH/NIGMS $244,325 (direct)
Peroxidase Mimics for Electron and Correlative Microscopy

R01 GM (new application) (Rosa-Molinar) 09/01/17-08/31/23 2.5 calendar months
NIH/NIGMS $1,821,355 (direct)
Developing a Toolkit for Immuno-correlative Light and Electron Microscopy

R43 GM (new application) (Joshi and Rosa-Molinar) 10/05/17- 09/31/18 1.2 calendar month
NIH/NIGMS $249,539.67 (direct)
Carbon “dots” for Correlative Microscopy


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