Cross-Disciplinary Laboratories

Cross discipline laboratoriesMany of the more complex research projects cut across traditional disciplines and require new approaches and techniques to be developed.  Our cross-disciplinary core labs create investigative procedures, methods, validations and optimization techniques to solve problems utilizing expertise in a wide variety of scientific fields.

Solutions for scientists of all disciplines:

  • Novel applications or configurations could include using standard or custom-designed instruments to answer research questions
  • Advanced computing infrastructure that spans university-wide
  • Develop tools such as actometers to help relate molecular activity to animal behavior
  • Use of spectroscopic and crystallographic data mapping in images
  • Train students, researchers, and visiting scientists from academia and industry to use lab equipment and analysis methods themselves, or provide these capabilities on a fee-for service basis
  • Use multiple methods of nano-science, micro-fluidics and micro or nano fabrication in the preparation and analysis of dynamic samples for use in imaging devices
  • Specialize in providing spectroscopic and crystallographic analysis of samples as large as tens of centimeters down to the atomic scale, and in 2-D, 3-D and over time
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