Translational Biology Research

Translational biology

Our core labs have experienced staff and the resources to help translate basic biological research discoveries into potential new therapies.  The labs often work together to provide interdisciplinary, bilateral sharing of information to advance compounds from the lab to clinical testing.  In addition, the labs employ industry-experienced pharmaceutical and computational chemists who offer support throughout the early stages of the discovery process and will assist researchers in obtaining the data needed to get more grants funded or to make their discoveries more likely to attract outside commercial funding.

Lab capabilities include assay development, compound screening, target identification, purification, hit-to-lead optimization, in vitro studies, in vivo screening, measuring drug efficacy, dosage form development, and bio-availability. 

Laboratories and Centers
Advanced Computing Facility
Animal Care Unit
Applied Bioinformatics
BIO Center
Biological Irradiation Core
Biomolecular NMR
Center for Research Computing
Chemical Methodologies and Library Development Center
Computational Chemical Biology
Experimental and Preclinical Imaging
Genome Sequencing
Genomics and Bioinformatics
High Throughput Screening
Infectious Disease Assay Development
Mass Spectrometry
Medicinal Chemistry
Microfabrication and Microfluidics
Microscopy and Analytical Imaging
Molecular Graphics and Modeling
Molecular Probes
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Protein Production Group
Protein Structure
Solid State NMR 
Specialized Chemistry Center
Synthetic Chemical Biology
X-Ray Crystallography


Biochemistry & Protein Science

Bioinformatics & Modeling


Materials Characterization

Molecular Structures

Translational Biology

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