Biochemistry and Protein Science Research

biochemistry labA number of the core laboratories serve researchers in the fields of Biochemistry and Protein Science.  The labs employ highly experienced staff who can assist researchers with experiment design or final manuscript preparation and everything in between. The labs work together to address researchers' needs and frequently partner with faculty researchers as co-investigators on grant applications as well as research publications.

Examples of Capabilities

  • The Protein Production Group (PPG) focuses on the cloning, expression and purification of proteins using bacterial, yeast, insect and mammalian cells as well as cell-free systems.  They also characterize protein-protein and protein-ligand binding interactions using label-free surface plasmon resonance techniques (Biacore 3000).  
  • Isotopically-labeled proteins are often made for structural, dynamical or ligand binding studies in the Bio-molecular NMR (BNMR) laboratory, which maintains both 600 and 800 MHz instruments.  A remotely-controlled automatic sample changer on the 600 facilitates titration and other screening-type studies. 
  • For detailed studies of 3-dimensional protein structure, the Protein Structure Lab (PSL) is available to crystallize proteins for structure elucidation using X-ray crystallography.  For X-ray data collection, two in-house sources (a Rigaku R-axis IV++ and a Bruker MicroStar with a Platinum 135 detector) as well as access to a synchrotron beamline at the APS in Argonne National Laboratory are available. 
  • Characterization of proteins in solution, for example to verify a mutation or elucidate a post-translational modification, is often carried out in the Analytical Proteomics Laboratory (APL).  This laboratory uses Thermo LTQ-FTMS, Synapt G2 or Q-TOF instruments for whole-molecule protein mass spectrometry as well as LC-MS/MS analyses of in-gel digests of protein samples cut from 1D or 2D gels.  In addition, the lab maintains a suite of post-acquisition processing software to enable whole protein mass determination, protein identification and peptide mass mapping.
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