Chemical Methodologies and Library Development Center

The Chemical Methodologies and Library Development Center (CMLD) goal is to design and synthesize libraries that utilize new principles of scaffold design that are likely to have pharmacological activity based on sound drug design principles, and also have drug-like characteristics.

  • Computational resources for managing chemical structures and data
  • Predicts key physicochemical properties of compounds to be synthesized
  • Provides guidance in the design of diverse libraries
  • Delivers automated, high throughput mass spectrometry and NMR analyses for confirming the identity and purity of compounds in libraries
Synthesis Formats
  • Solution-phase
  • Solution-phase using solid-phase reagents or scavengers
  • Solid-phase
Synthesis Capabilities
  • Serial
  • Parallel
  • Combinatorial
  • Microwave
Analysis, Purification and Compound Management
  • High-throughput analytical-scale RP HPLC/photodiode array UV/HRMS
  • High-throughput mass-directed preparative-scale RP HPLC/dual-wavelength UV/LRMS/ELSD
  • Medium-throughput, automated, 5mm tube-based 1H and 13C NMR
  • Compound formatting available in a variety of formats (vials, plates (96/384)) and solvents
For equipment, services and collaborative work:
David Hill
Shankel Structural Biology Center
For business related transactions:
Shelley Sandberg
Shankel Structural Biology Center


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