The Advanced Computing Facility (ACF) is part of the Center for Research Computing (CRC) and provides a 20-fold increase in power to support of a diverse range of research including chemistry, biology, pharmaceutical, engineering and cross-disciplinary projects.  

The ACF is located at the Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC) in Nichols Hall.  The facility, part of the Center for Research Computing, houses high performance computing (HPC) resources and thanks to a $4.6 million renovation grant from the NIH, has the capability of supporting over 24,000 processing cores.  

Another unique feature of the ACF is a sophisticated computer-rack cooling system that shuttles heat from computing equipment into the Nichols Hall boiler room, resulting in an expected 15% reduction in building natural gas use. Additionally, when outdoor temperatures drop below 45 degrees, a "dry-cooler" will kick in, slashing electricity consumption by allowing cooling compressors to be powered down.

  • Computer modeling and simulation
  • High dimensional data processing
  • Knowledgeable staff with expertise in data-intensive research
  • Servers are available for researchers and general access
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