The Animal Care Unit (ACU), a core laboratory and service unit of the Office of Research, is responsible for care of all teaching and research animals on the Lawrence campus. The ACU exists to advance the research and teaching missions of the University by providing, faculty, staff, and students training and support in the use of laboratory animals and by maintaining exemplary standards of animal care through effective resource management.

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  • Animal Procurement
  • Husbandry
  • Training
  • Technical Services 
Animal Care Unit
1251 Wescoe Hall Drive, Room B054
Lawrence, KS 66045
acu@ku.edu | 785-864-5587


Biochemistry & Protein Science

Bioinformatics & Modeling


Materials Characterization

Molecular Structures

Translational Biology

Ability to set up 24 NMR experiments at one time and eliminate periodic user intervention
Screen up to 100,000 compounds in two days for endpoint assays
Next-generation genome sequencing
Near-infrared and bioluminescence imaging instrumentation to track gene of interest and/or tumor growth
Expertise in the design and stability of various pharmaceutical dosage forms
More than 40 computational chemistry software programs and databases
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